Out with the old. In with FIN.

25% FIN Stack

If you or your customers have  third party legacy systems, go out with the old and in with FIN.  Migrate to FIN Stack* for exceptional graphics, simple user interface, mobile-first UI and state-of-the-art Edge2Cloud technology. Plus we are offering a 25% discount on migrations.
* FIN Stack is only available in North America



Upgrading an end-of-life product doesn't have to be difficult. We understand that you need a software provider that can bring the latest innovative technology with minimum stress and maximum success.

If you or your customers need to upgrade and migrate building automation software from an end-of-life product, FIN Stack is the solution for you. And it's easier and more affordable than you think!


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Out with the old and in with FIN – migration as easy as 1,2,3…

1 number

Take advantage of our 25% FIN Stack migration discount

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Enjoy our world-class FIN Technician training offer (50% off)

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Get one-on-one support to get your first project up and running

Migrating to FIN Stack is faster, easier and better

Open market software for simplified building management, ideal for system integrators. 


With FIN Stack, you get the latest open software, ideal for migration projects to ensure a fit-for-the-future system

Training & Support

J2's world-class training and support makes migration easy

Edge2Cloud Technology

FIN Stack utilizes Edge2Cloud technology for remote and secure commissioning , control and management 

Superior features

FIN Stack has superior graphics, user interface and mobile-first UX

Haystack tagging

The effort required to migrate is dramatically reduced because FIN leverages Haystack tagging


Mix and match hardware components for ultimate flexibility


25% off FIN Stack technology

For anyone migrating from end-of-life technology, we are offering a 25% discount* on all FIN Stack orders. In addition, we are offering:

*We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at anytime without notice. Please ask your local distributor for full terms and conditions.


"On evaluating FIN Stack for the conversion from another open platform I was only interested in the graphics. However, the history app was what sold me. To have that amount of data at your fingertips is invaluable – I could see so many possibilities for the campus with FIN Stack"

Julian Morgan, Associate Director, Energy Management, University of Richmond

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