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Carly Ashen | 03 Feb 2017

Distributor Highlight: G & O Thermal

G&O Thermal Supply Company provides commercial HVAC controls, industrial process controls, and electrical accessory products for the residential, commercial, and maintenance/repair/operations (MRO) markets. They are also known for furnishing control products from over 75 of the industry’s leading vendors. In addition, they offer a variety of professional services ranging from wiring diagrams to panel fabrication.

As a FIN Authorized Distributor, G&O Thermal was our first partner to kick off Take FIN for a Spin. Thanks to their support, the program is off to a great start.

G&O Thermal is hosting the next FIN Training class at their headquarters in Chicago from February 7 to February 10. If you're interested in taking a FIN Training class like this one, head over to our training website.

Distributor Highlight: G & O Thermal

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