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admin | 29 Sep 2014

FIN Weekly #21 - 2013

Command labels as Models (Part 2 - Applying your models)  

Our goal is to show our users how to save time and effort when creating projects in FIN. In this article, we take the command labels we created and saved to our models in our previous video from week #19 and apply them to a fresh new graphic. We demonstrate three different methods on how to take the previously bound virtual point from our command labels, and replace/update it with live data points directly from our devices. The most effective method is to use the virtual point tags from the import window to select an existing mapping point and replace the current binding as soon as the model is dropped into the world! The second method is to drag your live data points directly from your device and drop them in to the existing placeholder point which will give you the option to update the URI. The final method is to simply select the actual graphic component, and drag an drop your live data point onto it, which will then bring up a multiple bindings window, allowing you to select multiple bindings and replace them all at once. Check out part 2 of our command label video for a quick demonstration of each method.

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