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admin | 29 Sep 2014

FIN Weekly #27 - 2013

Although this feature has been out for a while now, we have taken notice that many FIN users have not yet discovered the built-in User Management window within FIN. By using the User Management window to set up users in FIN you avoid having to go back and forth between your workbench, and FIN to create new users and set up user-specific navs. To use the User Management, select the "Devices" menu at the top of FIN, then right click on a Niagara Device and select the option User Management. This will pop-up the User Management window. In that very window, you will find the same options found within your Niagara workbench, with a little J2 twist to it. So go ahead and save yourself some of the extra trouble and check out our quick video tutorial on how to reach and use the FIN User Management window.

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