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admin | 29 Sep 2014

FIN Weekly #28 - 2013

If you haven't already used the Reset Translator then this article will open your eyes to an awesome new way to set up your future dashboard summary pages. The Reset Translator is a special translator found when points are bound to numeric type properties. The Reset Translator allows you to set min/max ranges for the incoming value which then scales the objects numeric property according to an adjustable output range. In this scenario we used used a .csv file with multiple building data and brought it into FIN. We then bound the consumption value point to a rectangle's width property. When then set up a Reset Translator which allowed us to scale the width of the rectangle according to the value of the consumption point. After setting up our input/output values for translator, we used the Item Renderer to render out a full summary list of all the buildings in our data table. Each building within the list came out with its own individual rectangle display that scaled itself according to the value of that specific buildings consumption point. Check out the video for a visual demonstration of the Reset Translator in action!!

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