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Christopher Simonian | 19 Jan 2016

FIN Weekly #3 - 2016

Cloning Point Tags from One Equip to Multiple Equip.


Last week we highlighted cloning tags from one individual record over to multiple other records. Now we want to show you how to clone multiple point tags from one perfected equipment over to similar equipment across your FIN Stack database!


By utilizing the "Clone Points to Equip" tool, users can simply tag and perfect the points under one type of equipment, and then clone those points, tags, and settings onto all of the other similar equipment. You can even pick and choose exactly which tags/points get cloned if you need to get more specific. This tool is extremely powerful and can save you a huge amount of time when it comes to tagging points on a large number of similar equipment.


If your not familiar with the 'Clone Points to Equip' tool, check out the "video" below and add this powerful tagging tool into your FIN Stack repertoire.


Cloning Tags Across Your FIN Stack Database
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