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Christopher Simonian | 27 Jan 2016

FIN Weekly #4 - 2016

Setting up Action Permissions in FIN Stack


In this weeks article we want to introduce you to a more in-depth style of tutorial videos we've categorized as "FIN Stack Walkthroughs". This week's highlight is on a full walkthrough video that goes over the entire process of setting up Action Permissions in FIN Stack.
The process is simple, you start off by setting up a single point's Action Permission Settings using the default options (Set, Manual, Emergency) or choosing your own custom settings. After that, you can utilize the Clone Tags Tool (FIN Weekly #2!) to clone those settings to every other the point that should have the same action permissions.


Once you've got your point's action permissions set up, the last step is to assign the desired user's account an Action Filter Access level. The action filter levels correlate directly with the point's default settings (Set, Manual, Emergency) and can also be uniquely customized if needed. Thats three simple steps to get your users set up with the proper action permissions!


If your not familiar with how to set up action permissions, or if you just need a quick refresh on it, go ahead and check out the full walkthrough video below!


Setting up Action Permissions in FIN Stack
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