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B. Scott Muench | 06 Apr 2019

Meet the Growing Team: Andrea De Paolis

As we continue highlighting new members of our team, this week we’re headed to Italy to meet Senior Developer Andrea De Paolis. Andrea has been a developer for over 10 years and has worked in various roles, ranging from business development to freelance consulting. He has previous experience working with Niagara as well as with other building automation systems, and has extensive technical knowledge of electrical, power, and HVAC.

“I love my work. J2 Innovations has a very different approach to the customer, which is great. FIN Technology is very powerful and different from what I’m used to developing on. I have had to change my developer skills - this is all new and I like it.” - Andrea

Andrea works remotely in the “J2 Innovations Italian Office”. He is currently working with a world renown client, applying FIN Technology to their next generation solution. One of his unique qualifications is his ability to merge customer requirements with the technology to create their solution. We love having him on the team as a solutions-driven developer.

Andrea is part of the growing European team at J2 Innovations, and works as part of the Glue Team. The Glue Team is a dedicated group of developers who will “stay sticky” with our OEM partners and help them develop and adopt the FIN framework. This helps round out our European team, which includes Chris Irwin (VP Sales EMEA and Asia), Domenico Di Canosa (Director of Sales: Southern Europe), and Gareth Johnson (Senior Cloud Architect on the "Stack Team").


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