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FIN Weekly #29 - 2017

FIN Stack 4.0 - Graphics Builder - Hyperlinks

There are a few different ways one can navigate between graphics in a FIN Stack project. One of the...

FIN Weekly #28 - 2017

FIN Stack 4.0 - Graphic Builder - Animation Editor

FIN Stack 4.0's Graphics Builder comes with a large library of graphical components that are...

FIN Weekly #19 - 2016

Snapshots (Backup)
We've all heard the saying "better safe than sorry" and those who have worked hard on setting up a job server know 

FIN Weekly #18 - 2016

Create a Note (Tool)
There are many situations where leaving a note can be extremely useful, especially when there are multiple users involved.FIN...

FIN Weekly #17 - 2016

His to Collected
This week we would like to introduce the 'His to Collected' tool. This tool allows users to update, adjust or enable the collect...

FIN Weekly #16 - 2016


Fix Timezone Tags
This week we feature a cool and easy way to update timezone tags across an entire FIN Stack database with just 1 click of the...

FIN Weekly #15 - 2016

Search & Replace


This week we're putting the spotlight on a great way to knock out those same common-scenario setups that appear on nearly all...

FIN Weekly #14 - 2016

Search & Replace


This week we bring you a quick video on how to use the Search and Replace tool in FIN Stack. The most common scenario for this...

FIN Weekly #13 - 2016

Batch Update Refs & Create Summaries


This week we present to you 'Part 4' of the "

FIN Weekly #12 - 2016

Batch Add Schedules


Moving forward with the " Works Great With Niagara" video series, we now bring you 'Part 3' which continues demonstrating...

FIN Weekly #11 - 2016

Tagging points using the Batch Record Creator


In our previous article we explained how to setup your Niagara station to communicate with FIN...

FIN Weekly #10 - 2016

Bringing Equip and Points from Niagara into FIN Stack


This week's video focuses on just how quick and easy it is to bring data from a Niagara...
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