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Carly Ashen | 07 Nov 2015

Where in the World is Gerard Huff?

Where in the World is Gerard Huff?
Our world class FIN Trainer Gerard has been very busy this year! While visiting our partner locations across the globe, he has set the record for most training classes held. In addition to a trip abroad to Holland and Mexico City, the globetrotter has knocked out four classes in our Chino office and five classes in Richmond. FIN adoption is growing at a record pace with oodles of new FIN Fans every week.

If you are new to FIN and interested in attending a training class, you can purchase an evaluator kit here and receive the software as well as a seat in a training class! For existing FIN Fans, contact your distributor.

Check out what's in store for Gerard's future travels as the upcoming training classes are listed below:

Nov 10-12, 2015 — Toronto, Canada
Dec 8-10, 2015 — Long Island, New York
Dec 15-17, 2015 — Chino, California

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