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Carly Ashen | 18 Mar 2016

FIN Works Great with Niagara

We've just begun a series of videos to show you just how easy it is to incorporate FIN into your existing and future Niagara projects. By adding FIN you'll have the most comprehensive mobile experience in the industry. You can navigate your site, view and modify points, acknowledge alarms, and even assign schedules. With FIN and our advanced tools, you'll see a great payoff with little effort.

The first in the series of videos was all about connecting to Niagara and using nHaystack to quickly create a tagged and modeled database. The following weeks will continue by leveraging the FIN tools and database tags to dynamically create some amazing mobile experiences. We'll cover how to view graphic points on your mobile device, pull up a history, and issue overrides and set-point changes. The next week will be about adding schedules and modifying the points they control. Later we'll show how to see a VAV summary. Finally in the last week of the series you'll find out how to get an email and quickly view and acknowledge alarms right on your phone.

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FIN Works Great with Niagara

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