FIN Stack Evaluation Kit

Price per unit: $1,900.00


This is a great way to get started with FIN Stack but keep in mind that it will only get you evaluation privileges, please contact our support team ( or one of our Authorized Distributors for more details about purchasing the FIN Reseller Add-On and becoming a FIN Stack Reseller

Don't miss out on this great deal … we have made the decision a no-brainer as you are getting:

  1. FIN Stack software
  2. 1 x FIN Stack Training Seat
  3. 1 x FIN Stack Engineering Tool (Evaluation/Development license)

More information on the training class and details of upcoming FIN Stack Training courses, please click here.

Your company will be noted as an official FIN Stack Evaluator. As an Evaluator your company will NOT have the ability to purchase any Job License Caps, UXI Licenses, or any additional Engineering Tool Licenses.

If you would like the ability to purchase Job license caps, UXI licenses, or any additional Engineering Tool Licenses after your Evaluation, you may purchase a FS-RESELL-ADD to become a FIN Stack Reseller from one of our authorized FIN Stack Distributors found here:

To order please complete the form below and stating how many Evaluation kits you require: