How is FIN Framework registered to the cloud?

In order to connect a FIN server or embedded instance of FIN to the Cloud a user must have Cloud access. The user must have a FIN Cloud account. The user is registered under an organization. In order for the user to register a device they must have the DeviceManager Cloud role within the target organization. To register FIN with the Cloud, the user locally logs into FIN with super user permissions using a web browser. The user clicks 'Cloud' and then 'Register'. The user is then redirected to the Cloud registration web site where they log into FIN Cloud. The user selects the organization they have permissions to register the device under then they click the 'register' button and the device is now registered. The device can now connect to the Cloud and is registered under the organization the user selected during the registration process. In the FIN Cloud portal, the device will appear alongside other devices the organization has registered.