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OEM Partners

J2 Innovations has various OEM partners in building automation and related markets. Not all wish us to publicise their use of our technology but the companies listed below are public about their usage of FIN Framework in their systems and solutions. Each company sells FIN under their own brand; adding their own additional value by the creation of applications and custom configuration.

ASI Controls logo


ASI Controls

Jack Floyd


Darren Xu


+1 512 968 7382

coster logo
Coster Group

Owais Takolia - for UK

+44 7572 853039

Guglielma  Rossi - for Italy

ecube logo rectangular white
Ecube Technology

Tarik Foullani



+33 6 47 22 82 23

IoT Warez logo


IoT Warez

Mike Reed

IoT Warez website

+1 313 209-5080


Joshua Felperin

Senior National Sales Manager

Siemens Controlpoint website


+1 646 234 5091