FIN for Farming and Food Processing

Software that will make managing your processes easier and provide better control

Whether the requirement is on-site, off-site, at a touchscreen panel or on a mobile FIN can provide a solution that will provide comprehensive management and reporting of the systems with intelligent alarms and analytics.

Helping suppliers of farming and food processing solutions 

The FIN Framework is a modular and flexible software framework that can be easily customized to specific applications. FIN can help your next project get to market faster with lower development costs. Choose to buy and build any combination of FIN features with your hardware, software tools, and apps. You get the latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in, with support for the latest Haystack standard. FIN supports multiple open protocols and all visualization is HTML5 compliant for an excellent mobile client experience.



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Benefits of FIN in farming and food processing applications

  • Intuitive user interface options for touchscreens and mobile devices to  simplify equipment and system operation
  • Embeddable control engine with easy to use configuration UI provides flexible way to create control logic
  • Easy to create dashboards, smart alarming, and fault detection diagnostics
  • Connector framework enables the integration of multiple systems and devices
  • Can be hosted in the cloud, or just managed on-site

Whatever your farming application, FIN can provide monitoring, control & visualization

  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Water distribution management
  • CO2 injection
  • Lighting control
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Equipment control
  • Analytics and reports

Use case examples

Vertical farming

Vertical farming

shutterstock_187143332 grain storage 350w

Grain storage

shutterstock_739029355 tomato processing 350w

Tomato processing

mushroom farm

Mushroom farms


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