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How can FIN Framework help me?

FIN (Fluid INtegration) is the next generation Building Operating System. It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. It works as seamlessly on a tablet and smartphone as it does on a desktop. FIN is a HTML5 browser based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows. It dramatically reduces engineering labor, helping you build your customer’s solution easier, faster, and better. FIN was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.

What our customers say:

"J2 Innovations has revolutionized our business! Everything we do is more efficient as a result of the powerful toolsets J2 provides."

“We have standardized FIN on all of our projects. As a company, we save time, money."

"FIN has helped us provide many great solutions for our customers; support for FIN is exceptional.”

"With system integrators and OEM developers in mind, FIN made big enhancements to their essential application - DB Builder. The continued focus on tagging has truly changed the effort required for building of a production-ready BMS database forever. With this simpler design and straightforward approach to data integration, projects can now be deployed way faster with less engineering time. Big win."

- Alexander Baydar, Building Controls Integration Manager, TEC Systems

Flexible System Architecture

With FIN  you can mix and match hardware components creating system architectures to meet any project requirement. You can select the most appropriate controller, gateway, touchscreen or embedded server hardware and run FIN on it using Linux, Windows or MacOS.

FIN technology can live at every level of the architecture; the edge device, global controller, server, and even hosted in the cloud! With a FIN you can have one technology that provides a unifying toolset for all aspects of your projects!

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FIN provides a comprehensive range of apps for all aspects of the project including graphics, histories, alarms, schedules, notes, and control logic, all based on a fast flat-file database enabling rapid queries for reporting and dashboards.

Advanced Applications Environment


Graphics   GRAPHICS  

Imagine graphics that are automatically generated: navigation, point summaries and links to histories that simply work without any laborious setup, all combined with custom graphics that can be created super-fast with the best tools in the industry.




Create ad hoc charts to compare data on the fly using drag and drop points. You can use the powerful roll-up feature and even share custom views with a simple URL via email.


  Alarms ALARMS

We radically changed the approach to alarming and have made creating and managing alarms easier. You can now create alarms and FDD (fault detection diagnostic) sequences once and reuse them everywhere.


  Schedules SCHEDULES

A brand new approach to scheduling, we have eliminated the difficulty of linking schedules to equipment and the labor-intensive aspects of schedule management.


  Notes NOTES

The new notes app is built-in to FIN enabling you and your customers to add messages related to any equipment in the database. Notes can be sorted, assigned to users, and even have open/closed status.


  Logic Builder-1 LOGIC BUILDER

We took the simplicity of block programming and the powerful logic of line programming to create a new combination called bLine. With bLine you can create control sequences once and reuse them everywhere.


  Database FOLIO

Folio is an advanced tool for querying and batch editing your tags, complete with built-in functionality for viewing histories, commanding points, and viewing your database.


  DB Builder-1 DB BUILDER

A powerful tool for creating your tagged database and the Haystack standard is built right in. You can add histories, create relationships, and viewpoints, all with a single app.

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Find out about the advanced features FIN Framework offers and how easy it is to use and to configure by watching our videos. We can also book you into one of our "Take FIN for a Spin" hands-on trial sessions by contacting our sales team.

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