Our documentation, hosted on Confluence, provides a wealth of technical information about how to use FIN. There is both an FAQ section, and a Troubleshooting Guide. Under this latter heading you find a range of articles (view list on the left of the linked pages) relating to use of FIN with BACnet networks and other issues. The most commonly accessed articles are the BACnet Troubleshooting Guide and  Haystack Troubleshooting Guide.  In addition to these resources, we list below some answers to other technical questions you ask us:

What databaSe does FIN use to store data?

FIN uses a very fast TSDB (Time Series Database), which supports Haystack tagging so that powerful queries can be made to extract data in any form desired. The Folio database we use is far superior to RDBM (Relational Data Base Manager) type databases which are not well suited to large real-time time stamped data sets. FIN's Folio 3.0 database allows very rapid responses to drill-down queries even as the archived database gets very large. This provides a better end-user experience when rolling-up data or aggregating it from multiple sources on dashboards, and for analytics. 

Which Protocols are supported by FIN?

You can find the list here. We also have partners who create connectors some of which are listed here.

Can I nest control logic?

In FIN we call such nesting a macro block. In Logic Builder in the top left corner right above virtual points you can make macro blocks or macro code blocks, so the logic can be blocks or code. This can be saved on the server so that it can be re-used over and over.

How do I add a BACnet MSTP connector?

The answer to this can be found in our Confluence knowledge base, click here to link to the specific section.

Do i have to buy maintenance?

No, but if you want to upgrade to a newer version of FIN, or obtain any patches to bring the cyber-security provision up-to-date then you will have to pay for the period since maintenance was last paid. We recommend that all customers keep their software up-to-date to benefit from latest innovation and assure highest level of cyber security. Unlike some other suppliers, J2 Innovations includes the first 12 months maintenance and upgrade cost within the license price, so the SMA (Software Maintenance Agreement) is only required after the first 12 months. 

Can I connect field controllers directly to FIN?

FIN in its standard form, as sold in North America as FIN Stack, only supports IP protocols, plus serial protocols such as BACNet MSTP via a serial to IP router. Our OEM partners have developed various serial connectors to work on the specific hardware platforms on which they run FIN Framework. If the field controllers or I/O modules are IP connected, such as offered by Distech Controls, Siemens, EasyIO or GC5 then FIN can manage them directly.

How Cyber secure is FIN?

No software is 100% secure from being hacked, but J2 Innovations, as a Siemens company, has been working hard to ensure that our software is highly secure. FIN 5 is the most cyber secure version we have launched so far. FIN 5 has been extensively Pen tested to identify potential vulnerabilities which have since been addressed, so we are confident that we compare very well to other available software for building automation and IoT applications. FIN 5 has been designed to comply with IEC62443 and SAL2 level. With the full release of FIN 5 this summer (2019), we will be releasing a Cyber Security Hardening Guide to help our users understand how to secure their projects - since good cyber security is not just about the quality of the software but also how it is installed and used.