FIN Framework Training 

FIN framework is the most advanced open framework platform for building applications. It has been designed from the beginning to be easy to use and fast to engineer. As it has many features and capabilities there is some familiarity required to be fluent in its use, so we highly recommend taking one of our training classes so as to become proficient in using FIN framework. 

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The benefits of training of FIN framework are:

  • You will be able to provide your clients with Easier to use system software
  • You will be able to engineer your projects much Faster 
  • You will be able to deliver a Better mobile experience with high quality graphics and navigation to your customers

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Class Prerequisites:

Familiarity with IT networking and Windows or Linux software

Familiarity with building automation systems, including supervisor visualisation design and control logic creation

Before you come to the class be sure to watch our 'How To' videos to begin to familiarise yourself with FIN framework. Click here for our videos.


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I found the FIN training class to be invaluable in the process of getting to know how to use FIN on our projects. Gerard is an excellent trainer and was very helpful. I have been amazed at how much effort has gone into improving the workflow within the software. It is so much easier than other supervisory applications I have used. 


John Smith, Engineer, ACME Corporation