FIN Stack 5.1: End User Apps (Overview)

In this video you will experience firsthand the intuitive user interface and see some of the powerful end user applications and benefits of using out-of-the-box software for building automation, J2 Innovations’ FIN Stack. Ideal for system integrators who want to engineer faster and perform better. See more at

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Out with the Old. in with FIN

Go out with the old and in with FIN! Migrating from legacy building management systems is easy with FIN Stack. Plus distributors are offering 25% off new migration projects
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Get to know FIN ECO application suite - dedicated to providing sophisticated and off-the-shelf control and optimization for cooling and heating plant rooms
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FIN Edge2Cloud

See how FIN Edge2cloud can get you remote, secure and easy access to your FIN Framework-based buildings, equipment and IoT
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