Cyber-security Whitepaper

 J2 Innovations has enhanced the cyber-security of our software with the release of FIN 5, and is committed to maintainiing and further enhancing it through the whole lifecycle of the product, via regular releases.

Digitalization and IoT provides numerous advantages for building owners and operators and their product and service providers. Modern digital platforms and products show greater usability and flexibility, higher asset and energy efficiency, and reach new levels of user comfort. Furthermore, modern digital platforms are open and extensible to fit evolving market requirements, but Digitalization also presents security challenges.

Cyber-attacks are a constant and increasing threat due to the ubiquitous connectivity that makes digitalization possible. In today’s connected world, the likelihood of a cyber-attack is high. How do you confidently address such cyber threats? By taking a holistic approach to security measures across all aspects of your organization, building assets and automation systems. This includes making sure the building automation systems that manage your facility’s infrastructure are secure.

At J2 Innovations, we have taken the next step in providing best in class cyber security with the release of the latest FIN Framework, FIN 5. We’ve adopted a “think security” philosophy in the development and advancement of our FIN Framework product. This paper provides insight into how J2 Innovations has approached cybersecurity with the release of FIN 5, and continues to do so along the entire lifecycle.

Download the CYBERSECURITY WHITEPAPER by clicking the green button.


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