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Edge2Cloud is a feature that allows users of the FIN Framework to easily access building data, and service and upgrade FIN-based  building, equipment and IoT systems remotely and securely. Until now, this has required IT support, including the use of a VPN connection, or having to visit site, using up valuable time and resources.



FINcast - the podcast from J2 Innovations

FINcast: The Edge and Edge2Cloud

Join Senior Cloud Architect, Gareth Johnson and Head of Global Strategy, Matteo Pierone and partner OEM Coster Group who discuss exactly what the edge is and what our Edge2Cloud technology does.

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FIN Edge2Cloud
Key features and benefits

Edge management

Edge2Cloud technology for FIN Framework provides remote device registration and management across multiple users and sites with secure access to any connected device from anywhere. It provides easy portfolio management with full access to FIN Framework and all projects from one place.


Edge2Cloud features state-of-the-art authentication and encryption (to TLS 1.2) using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now a user can log-in to the cloud service from a browser anywhere in the world to access all the connected sites securely. No VPN required.


Edge2Cloud can be connected and integrated with other cloud platforms via an open API framework based on Haystack 4.0.

FIN "pushes" the data connection for the site to cloud, using the Haystack standard as the protocol, which is optimized for efficient remote connectivity.


Edge2Cloud can be deployed across multiple sites within minutes with a plug'n'play set up via an optional QR code. All you need is an internet connection.


Edge2Cloud is fully scalable to hundreds of thousands of sites for remote access from any browser.

Edge2Cloud essentials

Included in Life Cycle Management (LCM)/ maintenance

Access portal for OEMs and their customers


  • User & device management – Intelligently manage users, devices and their data once they are registered with the cloud
  • Portfolio management - Manage all devices for all projects from one central place
  • Remote access - Seamless integrated remote access: No VPN, no 2nd logon, secure, fine grained authorization
  • Dashboards - Simple live dashboard for device health, alarms and other key data from device
  • Web-of-things basic - Connecting FIN instances over the Internet with other FIN or 3rd party Cloud solutions utilizing Haystack API - Up to 1 GB / month free per FIN instance
  • Backup feature providing three automatic rolling backups and three selected permanent backups

Edge2Cloud add-on

Web-of-things enterprise



  • Connecting FIN instances over the Internet with other FIN or 3rd party Cloud solutions utilizing Haystack API – More than 1 GB / month per FIN instance
  • OEM pricing available for additional capacities

FIN Edge2Cloud in action

Take a look at FIN Edge2Cloud - easy, scalable and secure edge management
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Case studies

Discover how our customers have utilized FIN Framework in different use cases


Siemens utilizes FIN Framework in Building Operator - a cloud application for remote monitoring of buildings
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The University of Richmond has utilized FIN Stack to connect and manage over 55 buildings across their campus.
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J2 Innovations has partnered with Italian controls specialist, Coster Group to embed FIN Framework (FIN) into a new generation of plant and building control solutions
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