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Episode 7

Hardware, Siemens Desigo Optic, and much more

In this episode we delve into the successes of 2022 so far. From the highly successful AHR Expo in January, to the global launch of OEM partner Siemens' Desigo Optic, to a new hardware offering from us, we've got it covered.

Hear from Jeremy Wolfe, VP Sales Americas, and Jamie Lee, Global Product Manager for Desigo Optic, Siemens.

Episode 6

The Road to Zero

An escalated response to reducing carbon emissions is needed, but how? In this episode, we discuss how the buildings and equipment industry can make an impact.
Join Alex Rohweder, CEO at J2 Innovations, Domenico Di Canosa, Sales Director and Emmanuel Francois, Chairman SBA Smart Buildings Alliance for Smart Cities as they discuss.

Episode 5

Energy management - the smart way!

Despite the global pandemic, our climate is still changing, and the demand for clean energy and energy reduction remains high. With the global energy demand set to rise 20% by 2040, how can smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT technology play a significant part in helping meet the demand? We are joined by Tim Schneider from Blackstone Energy Services to discuss this topic. 

Episode 4

Simplifying smart building management

In this episode, Chris Irwin, VP Sales EMEA and Julian Morgan, Owner at Julian Morgan Software Applications, discuss simplifying smart building management with tagging and FIN Stack.

Episode 3

What is the Edge and Edge2Cloud technology?

Join the J2 team and partner OEM Coster Group who discussing exactly what the edge is and what our Edge2Cloud technology does.

Episode 2

Haystack Connect 2021 Special

Our FINcast special episode covers the Haystack Connect 2021 event. Hear from John Petze and the J2 team on their event highlights.

Find out more about the event

Episode 1

New updates for FIN 5.1

Just when you thought FIN Framework couldn't get any better - it has! With the 5.1 update release in Summer 2021, comes a range of exciting updates. Listen in to our new podcast and let the J2 team tell you all about it.

Discover the release

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