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Welcome to FIN Framework training


J2 Innovations is a pioneering software development company. We are the
creators of the FIN Framework (FIN), which is a state-of-the-art open platform for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT. We provide both classroom-based training courses and a virtual classroom experience using our learning portal called The FINstitute.

Our trainers are established authorities in Building Automation, Data Integration,
and Data Modeling and have a wealth of experience accumulated over decades of
field experience and training delivery.

  • Over 60 years of combined experience of consistently delivering high quality training courses in the areas of smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT
  • Committed to developing skills and knowledge in the wider smart buildings community
  • Effective and entertaining delivery of materials to keep the student engaged

FIN Framework classes available for every skill level

  • Take FIN for a Spin for evaluation of the Framework
  • FIN Technician Training for System Integrators and Installers
  • FIN Advanced Training for System Integrators and Distributor support staff
  • FIN Developer Training for OEMs and other developers to create custom solutions

Take FIN for a Spin

Instructor: Scott Muench

This free course is for individuals who are new to FIN. Students might be building operators or owners. Or they may be potential distributors or systems integrators who are looking at how they may add FIN to their product line.

The Take FIN for a Spin class is a free hands-on experience using the FIN framework to integrate data, model the data using the Haystack tagging method, creating a variety of data views such as Summary Screens, Equipment and floor graphics, schedules, alarms, and history charts. In a self-paced environment, students will actually create, engineer, and program a complete project from start to finish.

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FIN Technician Training

Instructor: Gerard Huff

This class is intended for FIN installers and designers to include OEMs, Distributors, and System Integrators. This class would also be beneficial to Building Owners who have FIN installed in their facility. Take a FREE preview.

Students learn to build a complete FIN Project. Topics include Installing and Licensing FIN, Data integration from Haystack, BACnet, and other protocols, Haystack tagging methods and tools, creating user views such as Equipment graphics, Floorplans, building elevations. Also included are Scheduling, Logic, Alarms, Email notifications, History collection and charting, Users and security, and general Database Maintenance.

**For students who have previously taken the course prior to the release of FIN 5.1, we have a course to provide an update. The topics include FIN Network, Dashboards, DB purge / sync, User security updates, and new BACnet 5.1. Take the free update course here

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FIN Advanced Training

Instructor: Gerard Huff

This class is for students who have already been through the Technicians Class and desire a deeper knowledge of FIN.

Participants get practice with Advanced Topics and Tools. Topics include: Alarm and History Database Management, Audit Logs, Graphic Models, Graphic Programs, Graphic Events, Dashboard Concepts, Logic State Machines, Code Macro blocks, Alarm Tag Bundles, and Advanced Folio Tips and Tricks.

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FIN Developer

Instructor: Various

Students who have already been through the Technicians Class and need a developer level of knowledge concerning APIs, Branding, Creating Wizards, and other languages used in FIN Development.

Topics include: Axon Point architecture, Fantom, Branding Files, Wizards and other Tool development, Creating Apps, Java Script injections, UX/UI customization, Connector architecture, and Templates.

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FIN End User

Instructor: Gerard Huff

Building owners and operators who have FIN installed in their facility

Topics include: End User Apps such as Alarms, Graphics, Historian, O&M Manuals, Overrides, Schedules, Summary Views, etc.  Also covered is Users Management and System Backups

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Welcome to FIN Framework training. We aim to provide high-quality, comprehensive training to those working with FIN. With over a decade of experience, delivering courses to thousands of students, our training team use the latest methods to deliver the skills, tools and resources you need to get going with FIN.  Our cutting-edge virtual training platform, FINstitute, allows our training team to deliver online, flexible courses suited to your needs.

Flexible training

J2 Innovations offer a variety of training delivery options from physical classroom to virtual classroom experiences. The content is organized and presented through our learning management system, called “FINstitute.” This online platform manages registration and class content. 

*Physical classroom training is currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.


I'm impressed! I thought the flow and pace was just right. The size of the lessons provided were just the right amount of information to keep each one interesting but concise. I am going to make sure the rest of our Sales Team works through these sessions. They will all learn from the content and it will give them confidence when recommending your virtual training for new FIN customers.
Thanks for the extra effort setting this session up. It gave me exactly what we needed!
I thought your class was presented well. Paced well. And very informative. I walked away with a good foundation for getting going with FIN. I cant wait to start with FIN.
It was one of the best classes I've attended...ever. Thank you so much for the training session...I really enjoyed and learned a lot."
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For any information on training dates, formats and curriculum, let us know. If you are a current or former student, we'd love your feedback!