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FIN 4 Training Overview

FIN Training Class Topics

  • Installing Software & Licensing
  • FIN 4.5 Overview
  • System Architectures
  • Tagging and Data Modeling
  • Connecting to Devices
  • Modeling Data Using Templates and Libraries
  • Building Application Logic
  • Creating Alarm and FDD Routines
  • Adding and Using Schedules
  • Collecting and Viewing Historical Data
  • Creating Custom Graphics
  • Configuring Summaries
  • User Management
  • Queries and Batch Editing
  • Tip & Tricks

FIN Training 

FIN Stack 4 Training Agenda

Class Description


FIN framework Developer Training 

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Upcoming Class Schedule

FIN stack
  • March 5 - 8th — Timonium, Maryland
  • March 26 - 29th  — Diamond Bar, CA


FIN developer 
  • January 14th-16th - Milan, Italy


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Practical, On-hands training

At J2 Innovations, our primary goal is to provide timely and accurate training along with information on the most current release of our software product. We strive to make the training hands-on so that the students learn not only the concepts but also how to apply them to their everyday projects.

On the last day, students are given an actual project submittal so that they have everything they need to complete a real integration job. They will create: system architecture, data modeling, graphics, schedules, alarms, logic, histories, and summaries. Students will leave the class knowing that they have the requisite knowledge, skills, and tools to complete a real job.

Practical, On-hands training

Numerous Sessions and Locations

J2 Innovations offers training on our products at regular intervals throughout the U.S. and Canada primarily through our Distributor Partners. We also offer training in our state-of-the-art training room at our Home office in Chino, California.

Numerous Sessions and Locations

Contacts for additional information:

Gerard Huff
Director of Technical Services
J2 Innovations

You can also contact your FIN Products distributor for additional training opportunities.

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