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You can easily integrate FIN Framework into your offering, giving you a bespoke product that’s intuitive, intelligent, and IoT-enabled.

We create value by providing intuitive user-experience, intelligent data-management, simplified workflows and IoT enablement.

We offer the most disruptive and innovative technology alongside friendly, personal and knowledgeable service – building strong relationships and maintaining trust and authenticity with our partners throughout our entire journey together.

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4 Simple Steps to Success...

We’ll ensure you’re ready to go to market with a product that will truly make an impact.

Step 1 1

Select from a rich set of functions and FIN application suites.

Step 2 2

Create your own apps or re-use existing software with our standard APIs to interface.

Step 3 3

Select your hardware platform.

Step 4 4

Define the interfaces to your own devices and third party hardware.


Your product based on



What our customers say

“Our partnership with J2 Innovations enables our customers to integrate their existing control systems into WebGarage, an advanced, comprehensive, natively web-based control and energy management platform”

Davide Manca, CEO, Coster Group

"FIN Framework will enable us to customize and improve the monitoring, control and optimization capabilities of our already market-leading HVAC systems while helping us transition to a pivotal role in the smart building, digitalization, and IoT space."

Domenico Canei, Control Systems and IoT R&D Manager, Clivet SpA

“The speed that we were able to bring a product to market was remarkable. Our software developers figured it would take 2 years to develop a product for a specific industry like data centers. With FIN framework we were into development in 3-4 months and had a product ready for market... I really consider J2 to be an extended portion of our team and a really great partner.”

Jason Houck, CIO Hepta Control Systems

"What matters to our customers in building automation is speed of integration, ease-of-use in engineering and bottom-line value from data. J2 Innovations’ FIN framework provides the right answers with a state-of-the-art SW architecture and user experience. We are excited to launch Desigo Optic as a great complement to our leading automation portfolio."

Henning Sandfort, CEO Building Products, Siemens

"This software framework enables us to bring better tools and develop more innovative applications for our clients. It saves time and means we can quickly engineer a building control system at a lower cost, allowing us to do more work and provide a better turnaround and value for our customers."

Frank Smit, Managing Director at Air-TraXX

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