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FIN microBMS

Do you want the big power of FIN Framework in a small package? FIN microBMS is perfect for small businesses, buildings and sites

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FIN microBMS: Small can be smart

Large buildings aren't the only buildings that can be smart and efficient!  Our easy-to-use microBMS is based on FIN Framework and perfect for: 

  • Local government buildings
  • Small offices
  • Leisure sites
  • Small retail and restaurant premises


FIN microBMS is ideal for electrical and mechanical contractors to support small sites with a plug'n'play solution to efficiently manage buildings remotely

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The benefits of FIN microBMS

Until now, fully featured Building Management Systems (BMS) have been too complex and costly for smaller buildings. Now the power of FIN Framework and Haystack tagging enables the FIN microBMS to deliver the full benefits of a BMS without the cost and complexity. Discover how FIN microBMS can make your buildings smart, connected, comfortable and efficient.

Micro BMS out-of-the-box

A complete microBMS solution

FIN microBMS uses the power of FIN Framework, the next-generation software platform for building automation and IoT applications, but in a small package:

  • FIN's wizard technology means an easy, out-of-the-box set up
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Easy maintenance
  • For single or multiple sites
  • Integrate lighting, heating, VRF, energy and more
  • Mini Facility Manager application with simple dashboards
FIN microBMS

Big data, small sites

Reap the rewards of a building management system with easy access to building data:

  • Access BMS data remotely and securely with FIN's Edge2Cloud technology
  • View current building data and history reports 
  • Receive smart alerts and alarms that are easy to adjust to your needs
  • Monitor, control and visualise building operational and energy efficiency 
  • Suitable for one or multiple buildings 

FIN microBMS features

Building disciplines


  • HVAC
  • Electricity meter
  • Temperature & humidity sensors 
  • VRF units enable 
  • Lighting 
  • Security system interlock 
  • Outdoor signage
  • Water leak detection
  • Light level sensor

History & reporting


  • Detailed reports of equipment
  • Lighting detail
  • Energy use
  • Email alerts for alarms


Dashboard views


  • Summary status of all equipment 
  • Fault alarms
  • Indoor temperature
  • Outdoor air temperature
  • Power consumption (in KWh) 
  • Energy consumption (in KWh)


FIN microBMS demo

Watch the demo of microBMS with software developer, Sarah Padilla or book your free full demo with a member of the J2 expert team