Born out of the need to simplify smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT, FIN Framework (FIN) is the principle technology of J2 Innovations’ offering.

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FIN Framework (FIN) is a software framework with application suites that can integrate, control, manage, analyze, visualize and connect. Its capabilities can be integrated by OEMs into a range of products and services. FIN can also be used by system integrators as an out-of-box software called FIN Stack.





Benefits of FIN Framework

Benefits of FIN_Infographics_Integrate


FIN is an open integration framework supporting multiple protocols, including BACnet, Modbus, KNX, OPC-UA and MQTT with various configuration wizards to simplify the normalization and tagging of data from diverse sources.

Benefits of FIN_Infographics_Control


FIN has an easy to use logic builder to enable creation of logic for primary equipment control as well as at system level. This is also used to create smart alarms and fault detection diagnostic (FDD) routines.

Benefits of FIN_Infographics_Manage


FIN has a comprehensive application suite for operation and monitoring of all types of networked devices and systems for a wide range of applications, from small and simple to very large and complex. 

Benefits of FIN_Infographics_Analyze


FIN uses an optimized, time series database to make it fast and easy to process large amounts of data. FIN natively supports the Haystack tagging standard to efficiently find and manage data. Combined with native applications, FIN provides the tools to analyze building and equipment performance.

Benefits of FIN_Infographics_Visualize


FIN includes apps to enable easy creation of custom dashboards, and building & equipment graphics, with highly intuitive navigation that works responsively on mobile devices; and apps for generating custom reports, such as for tenant billing and document management.

Benefits of FIN_Infographics_Connect


FIN provides secure edge management via the Edge2Cloud app and web portal, which uses AWS to provide easy to set-up, fully encrypted remote access without requiring a VPN. Edge2Cloud also enables secure integration with 3rd party Cloud applications.

Deployment of FIN Framework

  • Controler_Infographic

    Host in application specific controllers or at global controller level, providing control, data management, and a web-served interface for configuration and use.

  • Gateway_Infographic

    Run on a gateway, integrating multiple data sources, linking to IT infrastructure and cloud applications through Haystack and web services.


  • HMI_Infographic

    Run on the HMI through its intuitive touch-friendly user interface, as well as providing device integration and data management.


  • Server_Infographic (4)

    Run on Linux, Windows and MacOSX to provide supervisory & control functions, including site graphics, dashboards, alarms, schedules, reports and document management.

Technical specifications

FIN can run:

Apple_Logo Linux_Logo microsoft-windows-22-logo-png-transparent google-cloud 1024px-Amazon_Web_Services_Logo.svg Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 14.38.19

FIN’s minimum technical requirements:

cpu-1ghz Copy of 1GB (1) java-icon

FIN is compatible with:


FIN-based applications and solutions

Use our app suites on their own or combine with mix and match to suit your requirements to get the best out of your project.

Need something else? Talk to a FIN expert about your app requirements.


From building automation, BMS supervisor, to a range of other building applications, FIN Framework is the first step to ‘smart’ whilst adding value and reducing costs.


Transform a range of environments with smart equipment control and management for a range of heating, cooling and refrigeration equipment.


Control, connect and manage devices, meters and appliances seamlessly by using FIN Framework in building-related IoT applications.


No matter what your application, FIN Framework has Edge2Cloud technology for secure, remote connection to your FIN-based product anytime and anywhere.

Peace of mind through cybersecurity

As the leading open platform for smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT, we understand the challenges you face in meeting your cybersecurity needs in today’s world. Our comprehensive security approach to the product lifecycle means our FIN Framework is designed with your security in mind.

This ensures that FIN Framework can be part of your holistic approach to security that takes people, processes, technology, and communication into account. Ultimately, smart organizations make security one of the cornerstones of their businesses today. FIN Framework is a flexible and interoperable portfolio that can be scaled to meet the needs of your organization. FIN Framework is ‘security by design’.

F200 with container

F200 Edge Controller

Simplify smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT with a cost-effective hardware platform for FIN Framework and FIN Stack software applications*. The F200 Edge Controller is ideal for OEMs and distributors that require a bundled FIN hardware and software package for mid-market applications such as schools, offices, hospitals and more. Bundle the F200 with FIN application suites such as FIN Supervisory & Control, FIN microBMS and FIN ECO and enable the full functionality of a powerful BMS, but without the need for server infrastructure.

*Available for OEMs globally and distributors in North America and the UK



FIN Framework for OEMs

With FIN Framework you can tackle new digital technologies and focus on your specific business needs with all the support from J2 Innovations.

FIN Framework 5.1

Explore the latest release of FIN Framework which includes a host of enhancements including.

  • Dashboard Builder app
  • FIN Network multi-instance architecture
  • Edge2Cloud enhancements
  • KNX IP connector
  • Much more

What our customers say

FIN is a great tool for a customer looking for a modern and engaging tool that will keep pace with the ever-changing landscape that is building automation. In general the developers behind the tool have been much quicker to adapt to the cutting-edge data driven models that provide more value for end users.

Mark F., Software Product Manager

“The speed that we were able to bring a product to market was remarkable. Our software developers figured it would take 2 years to develop a product for a specific industry like data centers. With FIN framework we were into development in 3-4 months and had a product ready for market... I really consider J2 to be an extended portion of our team and a really great partner.”

Jason Houck, CIO Hepta Control Systems

“Our partnership with J2 Innovations enables our customers to integrate their existing control systems into WebGarage, an advanced, comprehensive, natively web-based control and energy management platform”

Davide Manca, CEO, Coster Group

"This software framework enables us to bring better tools and develop more innovative applications for our clients. It saves time and means we can quickly engineer a building control system at a lower cost, allowing us to do more work and provide a better turnaround and value for our customers."

Frank Smit, Managing Director at Air-TraXX

"What matters to our customers in building automation is speed of integration, ease-of-use in engineering and bottom-line value from data. J2 Innovations’ FIN framework provides the right answers with a state-of-the-art SW architecture and user experience. We are excited to launch Desigo Optic as a great complement to our leading automation portfolio."

Henning Sandfort, CEO Building Products, Siemens

"FIN Framework will enable us to customize and improve the monitoring, control and optimization capabilities of our already market-leading HVAC systems while helping us transition to a pivotal role in the smart building, digitalization, and IoT space."

Domenico Canei, Control Systems and IoT R&D Manager, Clivet SpA

Rapid, easy and amazing tech support

Brandon F., Systems Software Developer

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