Alliances and Memberships

J2 Innovations has alliances and memberships with a range of organizations.

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J2 Innovations is a member of the Building Controls Industry Association

belimo logo

J2 Innovations has a Belimo Digital System Connector for FIN Framework that can be downloaded at  StackHub


J2 Innovations is a member of the Association for Smarter Homes & Buildings (ASHB).


J2 Innovations collaborates with the Comfy app workplace intelligence platform


J2 Innovations is an associate member of Eurovent - the European industry association for indoor climate, process cooling and food cold chain technologies


J2 Innovations is a member of the KNX Association


J2 Innovations is a founding member of Project Haystack -  an open source initiative to streamline working with data from the Internet of Things

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The Resolute BI analytics software works seamlessly with FIN Framework


J2 Innovations is a member of the Smart Buildings Alliance France and Italia



Tosibox and J2 Innovations collaborate to enable users of J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework software products to create frictionless OT networks