The latest update for the world’s most innovative software framework for smart buildings, smart equipment, and IoT.

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FIN Framework 5.1 at a glance


Builder App

Create your own data-driven dynamic dashboards


FIN Network multi-instance architecture

View your FIN sites and instances through one view



An all-new KNX IP Connector for seamless integration


Edge2Cloud enhancements

From access tokens to allow FIN instances to communicate, to multi-lingual access, and more



Ecosystem partners can now issue licenses for their customers


BACnet Operator Workstation

FIN has successfully completed testing under the BACnet B-OWS device profile


KNX IP Connector

Take your smart building or smart equipment to a new level of sophistication by bringing the capabilities of FIN Framework to KNX systems. The KNX IP connector for FIN enables seamless integration with KNX devices.


BACnet B-OWS Certification

FIN Framework 5.1 is BACnet Operator Workstation (B-OWS) compliant; providing more support and visibility of BACnet properties and objects for supervisory applications.




A range of enhancements have been added to our revolutionary Edge2Cloud technology including:

  • Access tokens to allow FIN instances to communicate via the internet with one another and 3rd party systems
  • Open API for secure communication with 3rd party cloud applications
  • Multi-language support
  • Status dependent site color markers
  • Customizable site graphic when map marker is clicked
  • Access to dashboards

Licensing Server

Ecosystem partners can now view existing FIN licenses and issue new ones for their customers remotely

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