J2 Innovations is a leading company in the field of building automation and IoT. Our goal is to enhance the way humans interact with the connected world. The company leadership is provided by a seasoned and proven team of entrepreneurs that have built successful businesses in both building automation and software development. In May 2018 J2 Innovations was acquired by Siemens, vindicating our conviction that our products will revolutionize how monitoring, control and visualization systems for BAS will be built and used. Siemens want us to operate independently and to partner with OEMs; companies who manufacture products in the HVAC, lighting, shading, fire, security and many other building and IoT markets.

Based in California, the company has its first European office in Bucharest, Romania. We also have European presence in the UK and Italy.

J2 Innovations is an equal opportunity employer. As a Siemens company we fully comply with local employment regulations. Siemens HR manages the employment process on our behalf.  All roles are open to any gender (f/m/t).

We're always looking for good talent. For roles outside the US, please send your details via this web form.  Please submit your cv formally using the Siemens recruitment web portal.

For US based jobs please follow this link, as these are advertised via the Siemens HR portal




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