Hardware Options and Compatibility 

FIN Framework software is hardware agnostic; it can run on any suitable device that supports the Windows, Linux or MacOS operating systems.
There is also the option to use our our own F200 Edge Controller.

If you wish to use FIN Framework on embedded hardware, there are three options:


Work directly with an existing
OEM of J2 Innovations

There are multiple OEMs who offer products based on FIN Framework running on their own hardware platform(s). Have a look at our OEM partner list or get in touch with us to find out more.


Run FIN Framework on an embedded PC

FIN Framework can run on any embedded PC (such as IPC, Raspberry Pi) provided the specification meets our minimum requirements (see below). Installation on Windows or Linux based devices is straightforward, and does not require any development or testing, unless you wish to implement RS485 serial port support. More constrained platforms running embedded versions of Linux such as Otaku or Debian will require a small amount of development effort. We can recommend the OnLogic range of fan-less industrial PCs and have tested that FIN runs well on the CL200 and CL210 versions. On request we can supply an image for the CL200 Linux Ubuntu platform. We can also recommend the Lenovo ThinkEdge SE10.

Siemens IPC 127E/327E

Siemens IPC 127E/327E

OnLogic CL200/CL210

OnLogic CL200/CL210

ThinkEdge SE10

ThinkEdge SE10

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4

Shuttle hardware (1)-1

Shuttle EN01J4 Edge SLIMPC


Fit4FIN: Work with a FIN Framework
hardware ecosystem partner

Our hardware partner ecosystem is continuously evolving. Partners who join our Fit4FIN ecosystem have thoroughly tested FIN Framework with their listed devices and will allow brand-labelling of their hardware products. This provides OEM users of FIN Framework who do not have their own hardware devices flexibility in the selection of an appropriate hardware platform.

Your benefits

J2_Icons_User experience

Flexible hardware selection

Fast <br> time-to-market

Fast time-to-market

Proven performance

Proven performance

How Fit4FIN works

The OEM partner works directly with J2 Innovations to receive their FIN Framework based software product, branded and customized (as required) to their needs. The OEM partner also works with one of our Fit4FIN partners to receive the right hardware product that fulfills their specific use case requirements. The commercial and technical relationship for the hardware product is direct with the Fit4FIN partner. Optionally, we can provide the OEM partner’s FIN-based software image directly to the Fit4FIN partner so they can supply the software pre-installed on their device, to simplify deployment.


Fit4FIN - available partners and products

Get in touch with one of our Fit4FIN partners directly to select the best hardware option for your product

F200 by Siemens
Siemens F200

Up to 5,000 CAPs / 1,000 HIS

EHC-602 by Coster Group
Coster EHC 602
Up to 5,000 CAPs / 2,000 HIS
GIoE by Tera
GIoE by Tera

Up to 2,000 CAPs / 1,000 HIS

IEC9 by Intellienergy
Up to 2,000 CAPs / 1,000 HIS

FIN can run:

Linux_Logo microsoft-windows-22-logo-png-transparent

FIN’s minimum technical requirements:

CPU RAM java-icon

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