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FIN Stack is an open framework that simplifies smart building management to get jobs done faster. It’s based on our FIN Framework software and consists of a comprehensive suite of ready-to-use apps, enabling integrated BMS solutions to be engineered quickly and easily.

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Learn about FIN Stack's end user apps for faster engineering and better performance.

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The benefits of FIN Stack


Faster to engineer

J2_Icons_User experience

Intuitive user experience


Built-in analytics

J2_Icons_Secure Cloud

Easy and secure cloud connectivity


Accessible from any smart device


Runs on edge controller, server, or in the cloud

FIN Stack key features

Built-in tools for a simplified approach

Powerful integration

Support for standard open protocols including BACnet, Modbus, KNX and OPC-UA, as well as SQL, REST, and MQTT.

High productivity workflow

Wizards throughout the apps speed up configuration, while tagging enables automation of otherwise manual tasks, to reduce engineering time by 50% compared to other building management systems in the market.

Haystack tagging

Built on the latest Haystack 4 open tagging standard, enabling better data abstraction and analytics.

Web responsive and mobile-friendly

With a best-in-class UX design, FIN Stack is mobile-responsive, fully HTML5-based, with a touch-friendly interface.

Template wizard

Use of templates streamlines the device discovery process by importing graphics, programs, and documentation at a single click.

Advanced graphics & dashboards

Dedicated dashboard app simplifies creation of custom dynamic dashboards, also integrating with 2D and 3D equipment graphics, tables, weather, and maps.

FIN Stack built-in apps

Simplified alarms
Advanced graphics
Logic Builder@2x
Logic builder for global and equipment control
Historian with advanced queries
Point Graphics@2x
Point graphics for mobile device use
Favourites for commonly used views
OM Manuals@2x
Documentation app for O&M manuals etc
Weather service integration
Reports including tenant billing
Template wizard
OEM App@2x
Dashboard builder for customized views
Cloud connection

How FIN Stack stacks up

FIN Stack
FIN Stack
Market competitor
Intuitive and mobile friendly user experience
Additional programming required
We don’t lock you into a proprietary system – work with any system integrator
Standard UI over existing automation systems
Natively supports Haystack 4
Simplifies multi-system integration
Browser-based configuration and commissioning
Analytics-optimized fast database
Powerful database query language
Ease of use
Eliminate clicks with context sensitive, predictive navigation
Autogenerated hyperlinks (Magic Bubbles) that save engineering time
Dashboard builder app for customized UIs
Additional programming required
Integrated alarm console
Semantic tagging model to improve data management
Additional programming required
Workflow tools to improve productivity
Extensive range of wizards to simplify common tasks
Resizable graphics in 2D and 3D
Templates to simplify device management
Additional programming required
Reusability of graphics and logic with tagging
Scheduling functionality which is context-sensitive
Auto-generated point graphics and summary tables - zero engineering required
Value-add services
Edge2Cloud technology for easy and secure remote access anywhere
Standard drivers included
At additional cost
F200 with container

F200 Edge Controller with FIN Stack

Introducing a cost-effective hardware platform for FIN Stack software applications - ideal for those that need a FIN hardware and software bundle. The F200 features:

  • Up to 2,000 data points / can be licensed up to 2,000 CAPs
  • 2-port Ethernet switch with 2 LEDs per port
  • 1-port Ethernet interface with 2 LEDs for WAN (internet access)
  • 2 EIA-485 interfaces (optional, for future release)
  • Operating voltage AC 24 V or DC 24 
  • Remote access via FIN Edge2Cloud

Switch & save – save time, resource, and cost

Switching to FIN Stack is simple and stress-free and we are confident that FIN Stack will help you reach your goals faster and with exceptional technology.

Step 1


Explore our range of resources and get to know FIN Stack.

Step 2


We’re happy to provide a demo of what FIN Stack can do for you.

Step 3


Training is available online or in-person to suit your schedule and training needs.

Step 4

Getting started

We will guide you on how to get started with FIN Stack. 

FINcast Podcast

Simplifying smart building management

Hear from Chris Irwin, VP Sales EMEA and Julian Morgan, Owner at Julian Morgan Software Applications as they discuss simplifying smart building management with FIN Stack, the benefits of Haystack tagging, sustainability and much more

The Fast Changing Furture of System Integrators

White Paper: The Fast Changing Future of System Integrators

Download the free white paper that discusses the various trends that are changing and driving  success in the smart buildings sector, highlights how your business can utilize the new technology offered by FIN Stack.

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