FIN as a BMS Supervisor

Highly intuitive, fully responsive visualizations for all types of smart devices

FIN has been designed to simplify the way users interact with their Building Automation Systems. Whether you are a systems integrator configuring a new system, or a facilities manager interacting with the equipment graphics, summary tables or dashboards, FIN is easy to understand and fast to use. We have followed a 'mobile-first' strategy in the UI design, so FIN's HTML5 web-served graphics works just as well on smartphones and tablets.

Intuitive and easy to use software for building automation

FIN Framework is a modular and flexible software framework enabling manufacturers to rapidly develop unique solutions with state-of-the-art features. FIN has tagging and data modeling built-in; supporting the latest Project Haystack standard for metadata. This enables the automation of many configuration tasks which would, with other software, be manual and therefore time-consuming. FIN offers a comprehensive set of functionality, including support for all the open protocols commonly used in buildings, so it can be used to manage multiple systems in an integrated way. FIN's graphics editor and wizards enable rapid creation of fully responsive HTML 5 web pages for use on smartphones & tablets as well as desktop browsers, providing an excellent quality of user experience. Our notes and reporting apps make it easier to manage the buildings services on-premise or across an enterprise, while our Logic Builder app enables the easy creation of smart alarming strategies and automatic fault detection diagnostic routines, which can be developed once, and applied right across your project by leveraging the power of tagging. 

Controller graphics collage

Benefits of using FIN as your BMS supervisor

  • Provides a comprehensive suite of apps for all required supervisory functions - graphics, alarming, charting dashboards etc.
  • Helps your next project get to market faster with lower development costs - customizable style and format
  • Highly intuitive navigation with context-sensitive hyperlinks automatically created
  • Completely configurable via a browser
  • Latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in
  • Supports multiple open protocols and web services (including BACnet, Modbus, OPC UA, Haystack)
  • The supervisor can run on embedded devices such as web-server or server

Advanced features based on tagging

  • Support for the widely used Haystack standard
  • Relativized graphics and logic due to tagging - create once and deploy multiple times
  • "Free" navigation hyperlinks based on tagging
  • Wizard for rapid creation of summary tables
  • Smart alarms and fault detection diagnostics capabilities
  • Energy management analytics features built-in - no extra cost
  • Support for AM Charts library of javascript widgets

About FIN

FIN is the next generation Building Operating System. It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. It works as seamlessly on a tablet and smartphone as it does on a desktop. FIN is a HTML5 browser-based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows, thereby dramatically reduces engineering labor. FIN has also been designed for rapid customization so as an OEM you can develop your unique product(s) based on FIN faster, at much lower cost, and with less risk than custom coding the whole solution.

What our customers say:

“J2 Innovations has revolutionized our business!  Everything we do is more efficient as a result of the powerful toolsets J2 provides.  The graphics J2 provides in the development of the GUI are second to none and leave our customers amazed! I can't wait to see what their product FIN will do for us."

"Most important is the support we receive from J2 Innovations.  They are ready, willing and eager to do whatever it takes to help our business succeed with their products.  I strongly recommend their product and look forward to utilizing the new advances in their toolsets"

The FIN Framework

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