FIN for Building Automation Systems

Enabling rapid development of both supervisory and embedded controller products for BAS and HVAC equipment control applications

FIN is great for all aspects of a BAS, including boiler, chiller and VRF controls and can run both on controllers and HMIs. It can be run on embedded microprocessor controller platforms that support Linux, providing comprehensive and easy to configure control logic, and a web-server for configuration and user interface graphics. The connector framework enables the creation of custom interfaces to serial buses and on-board I/O, while FIN's wizard creation app allows developers to rapidly create very easy-to-use de-skilled configuration processes for use on smartphones as well as laptop browsers. 

FIN enables rapid development of controllers with de-skilled configuration

FIN Framework is a modular and flexible software framework for OEM development, enabling equipment and controls manufacturers to bring new products to market faster with lower development costs. Included in FIN are features that enable the creation for de-skilled configuration wizards and very simple user interfaces, enabling our OEM partners to offer their customers easy set-up and use via smartphones or tablets. FIN provides a comprehensive suite of functions avoiding the need for you to develop complex firmware in-house.  

You get the latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in, with support for the latest Haystack standard. FIN supports multiple open protocols and all visualization is HTML5 compliant for an excellent mobile client experience.

Currently FIN runs on single or dual-core microprocessors using a JVM. If you have a high volume application we also offer a version that runs directly on Linux, further reducing its "footprint", so it can run on even lower-cost hardware.

Controller graphics collage

Benefits of FIN for BAS controllers and HMIs

  • Modular and flexible software framework designed for embedded or server applications
  • Helps bring your new product to market faster with lower costs
  • Intuitive function block configuration UI for free programming
  • Easy creation of step-by-step configuration wizards for de-skilled applications
  • Built-in web server for both user graphics and browser configuration; fully responsive for mobile use
  • Latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in
  • Support for the latest Haystack standard
  • Supports multiple open protocols including BACnet and Modbus

Application examples


AHU controller

Integration-platform 350w

Device integration

KNX-global-control 350w

Plant room controller

IoT_sensor-data-management 350w

Touchscreen HMI

Focus on: FIN Framework for Comfort

With over 90% of our lives spent in buildings, there is a clear link between our comfort and well-being and the indoor environment. Building automation helps measure, improve and control various aspects of our indoor environments which bring a range of  benefits.

Find out how FIN Framework can help improve the comfort of occupants in buildings.


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