FIN Framework for Building Comfort

FIN is the next generation software platform for building automation and IoT applications in buildings.  Utilizing FIN in your system can help your customers improve occupant comfort in their buildings.

What is building & occupant comfort?

With over 90% of our lives spent in buildings, there is a clear link between our comfort and well-being and the indoor environment. Building automation helps measure, improve and control various aspects of our indoor environments which bring a range of  benefits. For example:

  • Lighting and shading control can help maximize natural light and minimize glare for occupants
  • Temperature and humidity control can help optimize comfort, concentration levels and reduce sickness 
  • Monitoring and controlling air quality provides a healthier environment and reduces the risks from fine dust particulates and volatile organic compounds
  • Co2 monitoring and control helps to optimize occupant concentration levels. High levels of Co2 reduces decision-making.
well being in an office

FIN Framework's role in comfort

Whether you are an OEM or a systems integrator, FIN Framework (FIN) can help you make the most out of a building automation system and can seamlessly connect to a wide range of IoT sensors used to improve comfort and a high quality working environment. How?

  • FIN is easily customizable to your exact requirements for occupant comfort solutions
  • It has ready-made apps for data management, integration and visualization - perfect for optimizing comfort levels
  • It provides a built-in templating and configuration wizard creation tools enable rapid customization for a wide range of device types, offering de-skilled installation -  ideal for  delivering comfort focused solutions cost-effectively

Benefits of FIN Framework 

With comfort levels having a direct impact on productivity, employee retention, and well-being (and therefore the bottom line), ensuring everyone has access to the best building management system and IoT management is critical. FIN Framework:

  • Helps you to bring your new product to market faster with lower costs
  • Provides the latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in
  • Uses the latest Haystack standard
  • Supports multiple open protocols and web services (including BACNet and MQTT)
  • From Spring 2020, the Edge2Cloud option provides highly secure cloud connectivity using AWS