Coster Group is a consolidated leader in HVAC controls that has been operating in Italy for over 50 years. It has always been recognised for its simplicity combined with the high quality of its solutions

Coster Group

FIN Framework
Published: February 2022

J2 Innovations has partnered with Italian controls specialist, Coster Group to embed FIN Framework (FIN) into a new generation of plant and building control solutions.  Coster Group’s “WebGarage” is the first system by the Italian manufacturer to use FIN open framework – an easy-to-configure and use software platform for building automation and IoT applications – which is now embedded into its web-enabled YHC700 IP controller platform.

The Coster Group YHC 700/YLC880 and YHC CWE/YLC880 IP controller platform provides automation, management and supervision of medium-sized control systems for HVAC, water and lighting with support for Modbus RS485 communications to connect meters and other I/O modules [ESP 442, ESU 402 and the next generation of extension modules].  An optional 3/4G modem module provides remote access to monitor plant status and alarm configurations.

In the near future, FIN's Edge2Cloud remote connectivity technology will connect with  thousands of  sites and link these back to WebGarage.

Why was FIN Framework chosen?

Coster required a framework that was open, scalable, lower cost and faster-to-develop.  After consultations, FIN Framework quickly emerged as the standout solution - it was faithful to Coster Group’s ‘simple-to-install and configurable’ ethos while also taking advantage of the latest technology developments such as Haystack 4.0 and IoT devices.


Click on an image to see WebGarage in action
webgarage screenshot 3
webgarage screenshot 2022
webgarasge screen shot 2022 4-1
webgarage 5

The partnership with J2 Innovations enables our customers to integrate their existing control systems into WebGarage, an advanced, comprehensive, natively web-based control and energy management platform

Davide Manca
Former CEO, Coster Group

How we delivered

J2 Innovations formed and trained a team to customize FIN Framework to Coster Group’s applications and systems.  Configuration wizards and a graphics library were created to match the styling and feel of the existing product range; allowing the manufacturer to maintain visual consistency and simplify deployment. WebGarage provides full compatibility with the CosterCAD tool, which ensures maximum simplicity and efficiency in the configuration of even large control systems. WebGarage will then support the next generation of ZBC programmable controllers, which Coster Group launched in the beginning of 2021 alongside the X Series and Y Series range.

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