FläktGroup, a global leader in air technology solutions, has transformed the landscape of building management for air ventilation systems with their innovative FläktEdge system.


Industry: HVAC
Location: Sweden
Technology: FläktEdge powered by FIN Framework
Published: May 2024

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Powered by FIN Framework from J2 Innovations, FläktEdge offers a centralized, user-friendly platform for controlling ventilation and optimizing energy efficiency in buildings of all sizes. The successful implementation of FläktEdge at the Trafikverket offices in Luleå, Sweden, showcases the system's ability to overcome challenges and deliver impressive results.

HVAC in a harsh climate

The Trafikverket office, a 14,000 m2 facility housing 400 employees, faced significant issues with its ventilation system. Despite being renovated in 2019, the building struggled with noise, inconsistent temperatures, and air quality concerns. The harsh and variable climate of northern Sweden further compounded these challenges, demanding a comprehensive solution that could adapt to the building's unique needs.




FläktEdge: a dynamic and modern BMS for ventilation systems

FläktGroup recognized the need for a more advanced approach and implemented their cutting-edge FläktEdge system. This lightweight, yet powerful building management system (BMS) integrates seamlessly with FläktGroup and other third-party products, enabling precise control over air balancing, energy optimization, and system visualization.

Key features of FläktEdge include:

  • Accessibility via a cloud-based web portal, allowing 24/7 control from anywhere.
  • Exceptional flexibility and customization to cater to the specific demands of each installation.
  • User-friendly interface for easy understanding and management of the building's ventilation system.
  • Rapid configuration, taking only a tenth of the time compared to traditional BMS.
  • Advanced optimization algorithms to maximize comfort and efficiency, utilizing FläktGroup knowledge embedded in the system. 

Powering FläktEdge on the FIN Framework not only controls FläktGroup products but also enhances the overall performance of the ventilation system. The FIN Framework's proven track record worldwide gave FläktGroup the confidence to collaborate with J2 Innovations on this groundbreaking solution.

Improved comfort, efficiency and satisfaction

The implementation of FläktEdge at the Trafikverket office yielded positive results:

  1. Enhanced comfort: The ventilation noise that previously led to numerous service requests was eliminated, creating a quieter and more comfortable working environment for the building's occupants.
  2. Temperature control: The system now provides control over heat levels to provide a comfortable temperature whatever the changes in the external climate.
  3. Energy savings: During the second half of 2023, the building experienced a reduction in district heating usage by a few percent, demonstrating FläktEdge's ability to optimize energy consumption.
  4. Client satisfaction: The outcomes achieved through the collaboration between FläktGroup and J2 Innovations validated the effectiveness of the FläktEdge system.
  5. Fast deployment: FIN not only enables swift development of OEM systems but also their rapid deployment.



FläktEdge empowers building owners and managers to overcome challenges, improve occupant comfort, and achieve energy savings. With its user-friendly interface, rapid configuration and extensive customization options, FläktEdge sets a new standard for efficiency and performance in the industry – all powered by FIN Framework.

Magnus Nygren
Application Solution Manager, FläktGroup

Empowering buildings with FläktEdge

FläktEdge represents a significant advancement in building management, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution for monitoring, measuring, and controlling ventilation and heating demands.

By partnering with J2 Innovations and powering our solutions on the FIN Framework, FläktGroup has created a system that can be seamlessly integrated into residential and commercial buildings, delivering unparalleled control and optimization.


Dashboard Preview 
Flakt Edge Front
FlaktEdge Floor
FlaktEdge Room

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