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Siemens Smart Infrastructure combines the real and digital worlds across energy systems, buildings, and cities, enhancing the way people live and work and significantly improving efficiency and sustainability


Energy, buildings & cities
Zug, Switzerland

Global engineering giant Siemens is an OEM partner with a long-standing relationship with J2 Innovations. Now owned by Siemens, it continues to leverage J2’s technology and expertise in its global Building Products portfolio, having launched three products based on FIN Framework:

These products include various levels of customization and expand the Siemens portfolio to serve new opportunities and new markets, with a strong focus on edge IoT solutions.

Desigo Optic

Siemens looked to J2 Innovations as a partner to deliver Desigo Optic, a next generation mid-market BMS. Leveraging the FIN Supervisory & Control application suite but branded as Siemens, Desigo Optic includes standard building automation and BMS functionalities that are ideal for this growing market segment.

FIN was chosen as it is fully browser-based, utilizes Haystack data tagging, provides legacy integration, and is easy-to-engineer and use. The product is offered on the server and on the next generation Siemens edge hardware platform.

Desigo Optic has been updated with FIN 5.1, now benefiting from distributed architecture and a dashboard builder app. J2 and Siemens have collaborated on product training with the Siemens team taking advantage of J2’s online training  platform to ensure quick roll out of the platform globally.

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Desigo Optic

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What matters to our customers is the speed of integration, ease-of-use in engineering and bottom-line value from data. J2 Innovations’ FIN Framework provides the right answers with a state -of-the-art software architecture and user experience. We are excited to launch Desigo Optic as a complement to our leading automation profile.

Henning Sandfort
CEO, Building Products, Siemens Smart Infrastructure

Desigo Control Point

Desigo Control Point is a consistent concept designed to simplify operation and monitoring of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, and shading of plants, floors, and smaller buildings. In creating the product, Siemens was looking for technology that could offer a superior UI/UX and dynamically changeable graphics, plus easy and fast realization. Siemens’ developers worked with J2’s Professional Services team to apply FIN Framework to produce Desigo Control Point with it’s plug’n’play integration of existing Desigo controllers.

The result is an embedded building management station provided in three different sized HMIs as well as in a global controller. Siemens were particularly impressed with FIN’s energy dashboards that make viewing and managing energy data easy on desktop and mobile but also in kiosk mode. Plus the ability to have secure, remote access.

Desigo CP

Thanks to the modularity, connector variety to BMS and web-based configuration, J2’s FIN Framework is the perfect choice to use it for our IoT connectivity solution for brownfield buildings. We tailored the off the shelf solution with almost zero effort to our gateway purpose.

Robert John
Cloud Portfolio Manager, Siemens

X300 Gateway for the Building Operator

The Siemens IoT connectivity team had an urgent requirement to create a connect gateway for brownfield buildings to ensure cloud connectivity and allow data transfer from/to its own and 3rd party controllers and systems into their cloud solution, Building Operator. They worked with the J2 Innovations team to create the X300 Gateway which is a data pump that learns the connected devices so that modelled data can be easily consumed by Building Operator.

FIN Framework was chosen as it was used as a plug-and-play solution that can be integrated with little engineering and commissioning effort, saving time and resource. End users of the gateway can operate the building via the cloud and have full transparency of data across the site from anywhere.

The Siemens team were delighted by the result that was cost-efficient and highly effective.


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