Data Centers

FIN Framework can be configured to provide DCIM type functionality and integrations

Our OEM partners use FIN in data center applications to provide comprehensive management of power and environmental systems, integrating with various manufacturers' IT equipment for performance monitoring as well as HVAC, lighting, electrical distribution, UPS and other services.

Helping you win in data centers

FIN Framework is a modular and flexible software framework ideal for providing DCIM functionality in data center applications. Customizing FIN for your specific requirements enables you to bring unique solutions to market faster with lower development costs. Choose to buy and build any combination of FIN features with your hardware, software tools, and apps. You get the latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in, with support for the latest Haystack standard. FIN supports multiple open protocols and all visualization is HTML5 compliant for an excellent mobile client experience.


FIN Framework data center application for IoT Warez

EntroCIM redo

EntroCIM - based on FIN Framework

IoT Warez has customized FIN to create EntroCIM which provides many additional features and is optimized for data center applications. 

FIN Framework includes a full suite of connectors for the popular open standard protocols, which including BACnet, Modbus as well as  IT-oriented ones such as SNMP. In addition to these, IoT Warez has used FIN's Connector framework to rapidly create IT-specific connectors to monitor equipment performance. A full list can be found here

EntroCIM data center web graphics

Customize FIN for data centers

EntroCIM provides data center-specific applications and workflows to provide unparalleled insight into mission-critical equipment. Metrics like Power Usage Efficiency put key information in the hands of data center operators, and ad-hoc reporting tools simplify decision-making for several key tasks. When combined with other aspects of the software suite, EntroCIM DC AI leverages analytical rules to become the ultimate data center infrastructure management tool.


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