FIN for Energy Management

Integrating multiple metering & environmental data sources, efficiently logging and displaying usage

Whether you need to access your data on premise, at Head Office or from the Cloud, FIN Framework is ideal for managing energy performance, providing a comprehensive suite of functions required for such applications, including a web-server with highly customizable dashboards & reports optimized for both mobile and desktop browsers.

Enabling a clear view of building energy performance

FIN Framework is a modular and flexible software platform that enables energy management businesses to rapidly develop unique software applications with state-of-the-art features.

FIN's features include the ability to combine metering and other data types from multiple network protocols, sophisticated charting and history display options, with easily implemented baseline comparisons, high usage alerts, customizable dashboards, as well as on-screen and PDF format reports.

FIN supports the Haystack open standard for tagging and data-modeling, which ensures that all the building data is easily accessible by other applications as desired. From its inception FIN has been designed to simplify the way users interact with the user interface, so we have made FIN easy to understand and fast to use. The HTML5 web-served graphics work just as well on smartphones and tablets.

energy management screenshot2

Benefits of using FIN for energy management

  • Helps you bring your next product to market faster with lower costs
  • Fast flat-file database ideal for analytics
  • Easy to learn data management and rules-based analytics features
  • An intuitive user interface for both desktop and mobile use; HTML5 compliant
  • Latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in, using the Haystack open standard
  • Supports multiple open protocols and web services, such as BACnet and Modbus
  • Supports the huge AMcharts library of Javascript widgets for easy creation of dashboards

About FIN

FIN is the next generation Building Operating System. It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. It works as seamlessly on a tablet and smartphone as it does on a desktop. FIN is a HTML5 browser-based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows, thereby dramatically reduces engineering labor. FIN has also been designed for rapid customization so as an OEM you can develop your unique product(s) based on FIN faster, at much lower cost, and with less risk than custom coding the whole solution.

What our customers say:

“J2 Innovations has revolutionized our business!  Everything we do is more efficient as a result of the powerful toolsets J2 provides.  The graphics J2 provides in the development of the GUI are second to none and leave our customers amazed! I can't wait to see what their product FIN will do for us."

"Most important is the support we receive from J2 Innovations.  They are ready, willing and eager to do whatever it takes to help our business succeed with their products.  I strongly recommend their product and look forward to utilizing the new advances in their toolsets"

The FIN Framework

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