Accelerating your learning curve

The FIN Fast Track program is designed for companies implementing one of their first FIN projects to help accelerate you through the familiarity learning curve. Fast Track is available to both OEM and FIN Stack partners.


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The way it works is simple. One of our FIN experts will coach you through the process of engineering your project, adapting to the unique challenges that come with every project and end user. We will take you through all facets of the project and explain the concepts of our automated workflows, including integrating multiple data sources, tagging & modeling the data, creating graphics & dashboards, and configuring control logic, histories, alarms/FDD, and schedules.

"FIN wonderfully capitalizes on the Haystack data model and the crucial added layer of context-driven workflows (consistent across all apps) makes for the fastest platform in building automation." - Aaron Sanchez, J2 Innovations Applications Engineer

FIN Fast Track Program - Us Supporting You 

J2 Innovations will be part of your team and help reduce your team's learning curve. 

One of our FIN experts will work as part of your staff on your project--think of it as on-the-job training to help your techs become FIN rock stars.

The Fast Track service can be charged at an hourly or negotiated fixed price and can be delivered remotely.  


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