Haystack London Videos

Here are the videos we made of all the talks given at the first Project Haystack Europe event held in London on 26th September at the British Library.

J2 Innovations sponsored the event which was great success, as there was a lot of good interaction with those who attended and a few volunteers to help with the standards definition effort that is ongoing as the scope of Project Haystack tagging extends to domains beyond building automation.

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Project Haystack London 26th September 2019

the first European event sponsored by J2 Innovations

The talks explain why data modeling & tagging are essential for the future of smart buildings, and how Project Haystack has created an open-source standard for building services related data. The talks also cover the implications for the specification and design of BMS and other systems in smart buildings, how tagging can enable intelligent alarm management, the automation of control systems' configuration & commissioning, analytics, and the integration with BIM.

Event Videos


The Value of Tagging and Data Modelling Part 1

The Value of Tagging and Data Modelling Part 2

What's New in Haystack v4

Making Life Easy - tagging and automation

Haystack and BIM Integration

How far can we go? - future potential for tagging

How to use tagging with BACnet & KNX

Haystack Founding members

About Project Haystack

Project Haystack is a not-for-profit, non-stock corporation formed in 2014, whose goal is to make data from diverse systems easy to work with. It is a worldwide community of people and businesses working to address the need for a standard “semantic modeling” method for device data.

All work developed by the Project Haystack community is provided for use as open-source software under the Academic Free License 3.0. As it is all open source there is no cost to use the Haystack standard, which is well proven and already deployed in tens of thousands of facilities.

Visit the Project Haystack website to find out more.

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FIN (Fluid INtegration) is the next generation Building Operating System. It features new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. FIN is an HTML5 browser-based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows, which dramatically reduces engineering labor. FIN has also been designed for rapid customization so that OEMs can develop unique product(s) based on FIN much faster, at far lower cost, and with less risk than custom coding the whole solution.

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“J2 Innovations has revolutionized our business!  Everything we do is more efficient as a result of the powerful toolsets J2 provides.  The graphics J2 provides in the development of the GUI are second to none and leave our customers amazed! I can't wait to see what their product FIN will do for us."

"Most important is the support we receive from J2 Innovations.  They are ready, willing and eager to do whatever it takes to help our business succeed with their products.  I strongly recommend their product and look forward to utilizing the new advances in their toolsets"

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