FIN for Managing IoT Sensors

FIN Framework can be utilized for a range of data management functions and secure cloud connectivity to the cloud.


The most intuitive and easy to use software available for IoT sensor management

FIN's use of the Project Haystack tagging and data-modeling standard provides a common way to integrate data from multiple IoT sensors and other devices. FIN supports all the commonly used open protocols standards used in buildings as well as IoT interface standards such as REST & MQTT. Built-in templating and configuration wizard creation tools enable rapid customization for a wide range of device types, offering de-skilled installation. In addition to providing fully configurable visualization graphics and dashboards, FIN provides highly secure cloud connectivity.

FIN Edge2Cloud  provides secure connectivity using Haystack over MQTT.

IoT sensor management

Benefits of using FIN for IoT applications

  • Ready-made apps for data management, visualization, and secure cloud connection
  • Easily customizable to meet your exact requirements
  • Helps you to bring your new product to market faster with lower costs
  • Latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in
  • Support for the latest Haystack standard
  • Supports multiple open protocols and web services (including BACNet, MQTT, Haystack)
  • Edge2Cloud option provides highly secure cloud connectivity using AWS

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