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For the complete life-cycle of FIN-based smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT

Simplifying innovation is fundamental to J2 Innovations and when it comes to maintaining your FIN Framework investment, it should be simple too. Introducing FIN Life-Cycle Management (LCM). LCM is a complete package for peace of mind to ensure that FIN-based smart buildings, smart equipment and IoT are kept up-to-date, secure and at the cutting edge of technology throughout their lifetime.

LCM is an annual agreement that ensures your software is updated regularly by the J2 experts. It also enables use of our Edge2Cloud Essentials package for remote access via the web portal which simplifies secure site connectivity and saves on modem and VPN related costs.


The benefits of LCM

Sign-up to LCM and let the J2 Innovations technology experts look after your software; applying their knowledge and expertise about the latest IT developments, industry trends, cybersecurity, compliance, and regulations.


Maximize your product investment, while minimizing the risks


Secure & remote access to your FIN Framework instances via users' internet connection

What's included in LCM

The benefits
Platform releases
Get the latest software releases and updates as soon as they are available for FIN Framework. Ensure you have the latest visualization, analytics, graphics, connectivity, and edge developments for your product
Service and extension packs
Covers fixing bugs, removal of out-of-date functions, as well as additional connectors when developed
Cybersecurity updates
Ensure you’re protected from the latest cybersecurity threats as well as up-to-date with the latest encryption standards
Our team ensure that your software follows the latest industry certifications and requirements
Ensure you product is compliant with the latest regulatory policies
Edge2Cloud Essentials
Use of the web portal for remote access to FIN on site, with comprehensive user and device management features

Why choose LCM?



  • Future proof your product as new technology is released
  • Performance improvement and increased longevity of your product
  • Maintain control and visibility of future expenditure by reducing unexpected costs
  • Deliver value to customers to keep their end products updated and secure
  • Diagnose and fix any issues quickly and easily


  • Keep end-users safe and comfortable with the latest technology
  • Increase productivity of facility managers and owners
  • Better BMS commands prestigious tenants and higher rents for real estate
  • Increase SI productivity with the latest technology
  • Deliver long-term value with optimized products and maximized efficiency

What has LCM delivered in the last 12 months?

Be up-to-date with the latest tech for FIN:

Talk to one of our experts and see how LCM could help you

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