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I want to get to market faster with the latest technology to give us competitive differentiation

I need fresh technology that enables me to add value and create differentiated products that support the latest open standards, are mobile capable and are simpler to configure, so that we can win new business and retain our existing customer base.

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How FIN can help you win

The FIN Framework is a modular and flexible software framework for OEM development. FIN can help your next project get to market faster with lower development costs. Choose to buy and build any combination of FIN features with your hardware, software tools, and apps. You get the latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in, with support for the latest Haystack standard. FIN supports multiple open protocols and all visualization is HTML5 compliant for an excellent mobile client experience.

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Where can FIN Framework Live?

  • At the Edge in application specific controllers, at global controller and server level, as well as at Enterprise level or in the Cloud
  • Embeddable control engine with easy to use configuration UI that supports line by line, function block and state machine control logic options
  • Highly intuitive graphical UI for touchscreen and browser accessible supervisory applications, with easy to create dashboarding, smart alarming, and fault detection diagnostics
  • Hosted in the cloud, can be containerized for ease of deployment
  • Uses AWS for highly secure authenticated remote site connectivity to simplify multi-site portfolio management
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Modular for ease of customization

  • Modular and flexible software framework for OEM development
  • Helps your next project get to market faster with lower development costs
  • Choose to buy and build any combination of FIN features to work with your hardware, software tools and apps
  • Latest technology with tagging and data modeling built-in
  • Support for the latest Haystack standard
  • Supports multiple open protocols

Where can FIN be applied?

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FIN (Fluid INtegration) is the next generation Building Operating System. It features a new applications server technology that embraces tagging and data modeling, which enables unprecedented new functionality. It works as seamlessly on a tablet and smart phone as it does on a desktop. FIN is a HTML5 browser based unified toolset optimized for efficient workflows. It dramatically reduces engineering labor, helping you build your customer’s solution easier, faster, and better. FIN was designed to encourage community collaboration and seamlessly supports add-on applications such as automated analytics.

What our customers say:

“We have standardized FIN on all of our projects. As a company, we save time, money."

"FIN has helped us provide many great solutions for our customers; support for FIN is exceptional.”

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