FIN Stack

Open market software for simplified building management, perfect for the system integrator who wants to get jobs done faster.
FIN Stack is only available in North America. Outside, please contact one of our OEM partners


Improve the performance of your business with FIN Stack


Built on J2 Innovations' FIN Framework, FIN Stack is an out-of-the-box building operating system that provides tools and applications that can be engineered quickly and easily



Built in tools for a simplified approach

Haystack Tagging

FIN Stack is built on the latest Haystack 4 standards allowing for more detailed data and more informative interface


Created using HTML5, FIN Stack can be viewed on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone with no additional app required

Workflow Tools

With the easy use of tagging, creation and implementation of interface components can be delivered quickly and easily

Template Wizard

FIN Stack templates streamline the device discovery process by importing graphics, programs, and documentation at a single click

powerful integration

Standard open options such as BACnet, Modbus, with many advanced options (SQL, XML, REST, and MQTT)

Enhanced 3D Graphics

Crsip, 2D and 3D graphic libraries that contain water-side systems, air-side systems, labs and dashboard components to bring insight into the facility

Take FIN for a SPIN

Experience the advanced features of FIN Stack for yourself - see how easy it it to configure by booking a free demo or onto one of our 'Take FIN for a SPIN' hands-on trial sessions.

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FIN Stack delivers speed and ease of integration

  • Automatically generated graphics
  • Advanced scripting engine
  • Simplified alarming
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Revolutionary logic control
  • Increased security

Flexible System Architecture

With FIN Stack  you can mix and match hardware components creating system architectures to meet any job’s requirements. FIN technology can live at every level of the architecture; the edge device, global controller, server, and even the cloud! With a variety of FIN Application Server Platforms (FASP), you have one technology that provides a unifying toolset for all your solutions!

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