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Christopher Simonian | 16 Apr 2020

FIN 5 DB Builder - Haystack integration

HubSpot Video


This video explains how the DB Builder app in FIN 5 enables integration of devices and points that use the Haystack protocol; once the devices and points are discovered it is simple to drag & drop selected points onto the equipment tree, and a matching wizard helps the process of adding additional tags. 

Not all devices using the Haystack protocol offer fully tagged data. In this example we use devices from a company which has not tagged the data according to the Haystack data. If they had then integration would be even easier, and practically automatic, as the Haystack tags would fully define the points in relation to the equipment and site. There would be no need for the manual matching. 

It is important to understand that the Haystack tagging & data modelling can make data "smart" in that it fully defines the data meaning & context (location & relationships), but it is up to the device vendor to implement Haystack standard in the product(s).  The Haystack protocol (over REST) provides a good alternative to BACNet IP, as a way to convey "dumb" data, but unless the device(s) are Haystack complaint the matching process when importing into FIN is still required.