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B. Scott Muench | 23 Apr 2019

FIN Stack 4.0 - Logic Builder - Basic Alarms

This video explains how to use the FIN Logic Builder app to create "smart" alarms, which intelligently pre-process alarm related data according to rules that can be graphically configured so as to provide system users with better quality information about fault conditions. 

As with so many aspects of FIN Framework we use the power of tagging to enable the advanced features. Instead of setting up alarm thresholds in every device across the system, the Alarms app dynamically queries the tagged data across all devices, using the smart alarm logic to assess the severity and duration of any alarm condition before generating an alarm notification to the user. This saves a lot of time, especially when alarm policies need to be adjusted, since in FIN the alarm logic exists once for the whole system, so the BAS engineer doesn't have to make changes in the software of every device.