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How FIN Can Simplify Chiller Control Deployment

Here at J2 Innovations, we’re reimagining what relationships look like between equipment manufacturers and BAS using our state of the art FIN...

How comfy are your building’s occupants? Part 3 [COVID-19 EDITION]

In our ever evolving industry, there’s a new challenge that comes in the form of occupant comfort. COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we...

Edge2Cloud - A new era of connected buildings

Imagine a world that isn’t connected. Imagine not being able to send a message, picture or video instantly with a simple swipe of a screen.  It...

Make or buy? Economics of In-House Software Development vs. Licensing

We have a problem with software. The problem is that we expect it to be free. There’s this public perception that has been ingrained in us. But...

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