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J2 Innovations launches FIN 5, the latest generation Framework


FIN 5 is the most innovative and advanced software platform for building automation and IoT applications.

FIN is a software suite that provides monitoring, control, scheduling, alarming, visualization, integration, and analytics capabilities designed for OEM partners to customize and incorporate into their products or systems. FIN Framework is already used by a variety of system manufacturers involved in BAS, HVAC, lighting, and shading control in buildings.

The FIN 5 release contains many new features and additional benefits, including an all-new database, and system configuration UI, to enable faster engineering.  A new template creation wizard also makes integrating controllers faster and easier, further reducing configuration time for systems integrators and OEMs. Numerous changes have been made to enhance product robustness. Lastly, J2 Innovations has added additional open APIs to help OEMs and developers further extend the framework, as well as improving the connector framework to make it even more open for third-party system and device integration.

New deployable on diagram 2

Edge to Cloud

FIN 5 is deployable on multiple platforms - from Linux based edge controllers to servers and hosted in the cloud

FIN 5 includes a comprehensive control engine with easy to use configuration UI that supports line by line, function block and state machine control logic options

At server level FIN 5 can run on Linux, Windows and MacOSX, providing a highly intuitive graphical UI for touchscreen and browser accessible supervisory applications, with easy to create dashboarding, smart alarming, and fault detection diagnostics features

Hosted in the cloud, FIN 5 can be containerized for ease of deployment, and we use AWS to offer highly secure authenticated remote site connectivity to simplify multi-site portfolio management

New Open diagram v3


FIN 5 is designed to be open; supporting all the major protocol standards used in buildings today, to enable integration with multiple building systems and IoT deployments.

FIN 5 utilizes several open source libraries, including AM Charts for dashboards and React UI tools to enhance functionality, and to provide great resources for OEM developers.

FIN 5 leverages the Haystack open source project by using tagging to automate configuration process and deliver context-sensitive information to give a highly intuitive user experience.


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FIN 5 is based on the Folio 3.0 database, which can support 
clustering and replication. Folio 3.0 also offers much faster large query performance.

The brand new DB Builder UI tool has multiple tree views, drag & drop selection for much greater engineering efficiency.

FIN 5 also features auto-generated configuration, enabling the creation of an entire project from a spreadsheet using our import utility wizard.

Expanded templating in FIN 5 simplifies device configuration.

FIN 5 delivers huge time saving for all aspects of a project, including points, control logic, graphics, summary, O&M manuals and OEM specific features.


New Robust diagram 2


FIN 5 is more secure than ever, having passed ISTS penetration testing and having been designed to comply with the IEC62443 security standard.

J2 Innovations is now part of Siemens cyber-security initiative to ensure all aspects of the framework are continually monitored for vulnerabilities and threats, with regular updates as necessary to ensure FIN 5 continues to be robust and secure.

FIN 5 development has followed new software quality processes and has enhanced documentation for both users and developers.

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FIN 5 is faster than ever for OEMs to customize and develop additional features and functionality on top.

The API documentation has been enhanced with a new developer UI reference document system to make it easier to find specific info.

New Migration diagram

Easy migration and enhancements

It is easy to upgrade existing projects from FIN 4 to FIN 5; nearly everything is automatic.

Graphics, control logic, alarm logic, schedules, connectors, integrations, web services, and templates all transfer without any effort. 

The new Folio database requires that a script is run to transfer the database to the new format, which takes some time, but this is easy to do.

Furthermore, with the release of FIN 5, we will significantly speed up our innovation cycles. Within a year, multiple updates (e.g. for fixes or cyber-security) and extensions (with new functionality) will be provided. Upgrades to next platform version are every 18 to 24 months.


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If you are a building operator looking for how to manage your building more effectively and would like to know more about FIN Framework and Haystack tagging then we have resources on this website and links to Project Haystack which can help you. Do get in touch by contacting our sales teams based in North America and EMEA. For OEMs interested in using FIN 5 in your new product or system then do contact us directly or, if you are a Systems Integrator in North America, then you can buy FIN Framework branded as FIN Stack from one of our distributors



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