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FIN Framework in 60 seconds

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FIN Framework in 60 seconds

Payoffs of Haystack Tagging: Device Data video

This video series showcases some practical examples of how tagging and data modeling is being used by the . . .

How to Create Automated, Customized Reports video

The FIN Framework is not only a comprehensive suite of applications out of the box, but also a powerful . . .

FINtastic Tip: Create Custom UI Graphics Easily video

This video is about custom UI graphics and widgets and how they can make all the difference in an . . .

Optimizing Food Production & Manufacturing with BAS video

Whatever your farming application, FIN can provide monitoring, control & visualization Temperature and . . .

How comfy are your building’s occupants? Part 3 video [COVID-19 EDITION]

In our ever evolving industry, there’s a new challenge that comes in the form of occupant comfort. COVID-19 . . .


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